Shop.Org Summit 2014

AttentionMessageLeads, and Branding all in one powerful package.

The booth staff is processing leads and in the background, your ears detect a balanced sales pitch between a professional product representative and a good-humored entertainer. Gathered are perspective clients fixated on the hands of the visual artist Dale Obrochta. Twirling and twisting, a red air filled tube transforms into customized art and you hear four major selling points being addressed.  Your prospects will learn about your global distribution, worldwide organization or why you’re the “best in the world” in your industry.

Attraction with a Twist

ASHHRA_2The unique giveaway attracts perspective clients and vendors from across the exhibit floor. Business cards are being exchanged, badges swiped, and competing vendors willingly send traffic to your booth in exchange for their own customized artwork.

The Power of the Twist

Leaving your booth is an army of fans who proudly strut around the exhibit hall showing off custom art and talking about your company.AttentionMessage, and Leads are easy to obtain when you have the right craftsman Branding an image on your behalf.