Everyone was thoroughly entertained, and the way you brought the balloons twisting into your presentation was great! – Gurnee Chamber of Commerce

Dale combines a highly entertaining presentation with valuable professional information. – Jan Bednarz, Robert Morris University

His presentation is a wild, uninhibited, fast-moving experience that puts a smile on your face. -Brad Hanahan, Daily Herald

Dale mixes imaginative humor and playful banter into his presentation. Like all great speakers, they make it look easy. – Tina Schwartz, Children’s Author


How to Enhance Your Business
Through Your Image

If you stay two chapters ahead of the students, you are perceived as being smart; a fact I learned while teaching College.  Wearing a tie to a bar, people assume you have an office job. Being well educated in computers and have the ability to communicate leads people to believe you are a computer expert. Knowing how to take a boring subject and put a twist on it to make it funny and interesting, they call you a professional speaker. Knowing how to create an image that says “success” – that is what I teach.

“You held the attention of our membership for the longest period of time I have witnessed” – Rotary Club of Westmont Program Chair
  • Allow your image to gain market shares over your competitors while taking advantage of social marketing.
  • Learn the power your image holds and how it communicates to the world, customers and perspective customers.
  • Enable your corporate image to become a model that others seek to be like while improving your employee’s growth and business suaveness.

Don’t hesitate on learning how to enhance your business, through your image, call today and have him educate your employees.

100 Pennies Gets You a Dollar

This 60 minute presentation will have participants twisting their mind around simple concepts that are easy to learn and implement in everyday life, while understanding how a creative balloon artist unravels the complexities of imagery perception.

Making little improvements in ones life collectively makes a big impact on your image, self-esteem, and productivity.  Like saving pennies in a jar, each one adds up to make a dollar.  Dale’s  workshop teaches individuals how to make simple improvements, that when combined, makes a dramatic deference to oneself.

This workshop can be customized to meet the clients needs.

Have your meeting planner or event producer contact Dale about availability for your workshop.