Professional Research Consultants, Inc.

Case Study: Professional Research Consultants, Inc. – Trade Show

Scenario: Professional Research Consultants, Inc (PRC, Inc) is a main sponsor and contributor to the Excellence in Healthcare Conference. Each year customers and vendors regularly visit the booth.  The conference is more about visibility and customer retention than lead generation.  PRC, Inc is seeking a unique giveaway or activity that would generate a buzz on the trade show floor.

Goal: Find a unique giveaway which illustrates the corporate marketing statements of how their survey collection system is not “very good”, but produces “excellent” results.

Conclusion:  Trade Sow MarketingPRC, Inc worked closely with Dale to establish a pre-show marketing campaign, while allowing Dale’s creative artwork to attract people to their booth.  Dale’s visual art was stimulating to watch and provided a unique giveaway, incorporating the PRC, Inc mission statement of only providing the best inQuality, Service, Collaboration, Innovation, and Growth.

“Dale worked to make our event excellent by spending time before the event researching what we do and working with us to get the most out of his services. He has an extraordinary level of energy which brought people into our booth space. I can’t stress enough how many compliments we received and how many attendees asked where he was once he left. Overall Excellent! ” –Jessica Gochenour, Professional Research Consultants, Inc

Trade Show Booth Enterainment